Aug 30

Awesome BFL/BL fiber


I love my BFL/BL flock of sheep! I am passionate about their fiber in all stages..the freshly shorn fleeces, the curly washed locks, the fluffy rovings, the soft cozy comforters. My favorite is hand-spinning.. and my specialty would be art yarn.. the fun, funky, bumpy stuff!

Just drop me an email with any questions. I have lotsa wool things to share.. locks, dyed and natural; rovings, dyed and natural; mill-spun hand dyed yarn; hand-spun yarns; dryer balls; felted homemade soaps; wool comforters.. or raw fleeces.. all from my farm to you!


Wow!! I also love my long wooled and purled Bfl sheep! Their fleeces are starkly different from the dense, crimp! You should see the cross of a Bfl and Romeldale-cvm!! Its crazy amazing!! I guess you can say I'm as passionate about my sheep and their lovely fleeces as you are <3 When I get time to reach outside my flock to try others fleeces I will remember you!! Nice to meet you!

Ya hi! And isn’t bfl amazing when it’s dyed?! That sheen tho...😍