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The Future is Local.

As the political climate limits and changes the costs of importing wool and yarn to your location - you might find yourself losing money or resources to grow your fiber business. Buying local may help offset some of these costs, as well as benefiting your local economy. Knowing where all your local farms, mills, and fiber resources are can help save you time as you adjust from using imported fibers and yarns to locally grown fibers and yarns.

  • Advertise your products as “Made with Locally Grown Wool”

  • Save on import fees & taxes by buying local.

  • Save on shipping costs by buying local.

  • Custom Design your own Fiber Blends at your Local Mill.

  • Custom Design Your Own Yarn Blends at your local mill.

  • Be part of the process from Raw Fleece to Yarn.

  • Feel good about how your business benefits your local economy.


When you subscribe to My Local Wool - you are immediately advertised to your local customers in print and social media.


We value your investment, and that is why we work to keep this resource tidy. If you find an error or duplicate, please email mylocalwool@gmail.com.


  • FIBER FARM - If you raise fiber animals and have wool or breeding stock to sell from your farm, you are a Fiber Farm. (If you have two sheep in your backyard, you are not a fiber farm).

  • GUILD - If you meet with a group of makers on a regular basis at a predetermined location, and are actively seeking more people to join your meetings - you are a guild.

  • FESTIVAL - If you have a public event at an advertised location specific for the education and enrichment of the fiber art community, you are a festival.

  • SHEARER - If you have the proper equipment, experience, and ability to go to farms and shear their animals - you are a shearer. (note: if you shear your own animals, but do not shear others, you are not a shearer.)

  • MILL - If you process bulk quantities of raw fiber into roving, top, yarn, or batting you are a mill. (note: if you own a drum carder, that does not make you a mill)

  • YARN SHOP - If you own a brick & mortar location, are open regular business hours, and have both a business license and shelves full of yarn - you are a yarn shop. (note: if you have yarn in your house on a shelf, or you spin yarn, that does not make you a yarn shop. If you spin yarn at home to sell online - please select "online shop").

  • ONLINE SHOP - If you currently have an active, open, shop full of items to purchase right now, you are an online shop. (note: empty shops may be removed from this map without notice. If your shop link is removed due to it being empty, please fill it with items and contact us to have the link added back to your listing.)

  • INSTRUCTOR - If you do not qualify for any of the above maps, but you are willing to teach people in your area how to knit, crochet, spin, weave, etc - please select this map. If you do qualify for other maps, please do not select this map.